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THANK YOU for all the donations -
The need continues!!
Facebook claims that we do not need any more donations are either mischievous, malicious or just plain misguided!!

Demand is as high as ever, and with the present economic uncertainties it would be ridiculous not to be well stocked and well prepared!!

The Exmouth Community Larder is an initiative of Christians Together in Exmouth supported by the Salvation Army, from whose premises we operate.

No food in the house, no money to buy food..... a food emergency for which we in the Exmouth Community Larder are here to help. Vouchers can be applied for in The Open Door Cafe, Citizens Advice Bureau or EDDC support office in the Town Hall or supplied from a variety of support agencies. (click links in text for more)

T H A N K   Y O U  all for the huge donations over Harvest Festivals, and after the Exmouth Journal coverage.

October and November have been busy with for clients and December is ususally a peak month.

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